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Galaxy Champions T.V. is a frenetic closed arena battle top-down shooter game strongly inspired by the classic game from SNES: Smash T.V.


The main cycle: collect powerful weapons, kill all arena enemies, get experience, level up, choose a upgrade and battle again.


The game is still in development, alpha state. Something can be changed or adjusted in future update like art, sounds, balance and gameplay. Please give us your feedback, suggestion, bug report or reviews to help us improve the game in the next updates! Thank you! :)


WASD: move;
ARROW KEYS: shoot;
SPACE: dash;
E: interact.

About Us

We are two indie game developers. If you get interested about the project, please join us on twitter: @aquadiun

Composer: @bettina_calmon


Galaxy Champions T.V. 7 MB

Development log


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So i downloaded the game started it up ANNNNND, i cannot move, shoot, or dash. Pressing escape works, but the game seems to not be reading my inputs for some reason. Any idea?

Hi! Do you have a gamepad connected? If yes,  you need to play on gamepad or disconnect  it and restart the game! Sorry for that! if you are still having issues, please let me know! ;)

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Windows Defender / MSE and CryptoPrevent both instaflagging this with a Trojan at download and it's preventing some downloads in Chrome automatically. Haven't tested it beyond that, obviously.

Edit: mentioning this because reporting systems can be abused like anything else. Worst case, ya did in fact got me, and your files actually got piggybacked.

Hey thank you for the report! Yeah sometimes AV detect .exe files as virus or trojan, but you can trust me, it's not! ;)


Hey I played the game and it was really enjoyable ! I didn't get past the fourth level but be sure I'll try again, the challenge is balanced and fair ! If you're open to suggestions, here is some things I would love to have during my run :

- At first time, I took me 10 seconds to understand I had to go to the right to go to the next level. Maybe an arrow or something could help

- I didn't know I could dash this often, I think a little feedback showing it's recharged would be nice

- I think the grenade launcher screenshake may be a little too strong, it took a bit on lisibility - but the feeling of power is great too, so I'm not sure it should be lowered

And I think that's all. There is some really great ideas, like the little bonus monster taking your coins. The feeling of the guns is neat, enemies are cool... In short, well done ! I'll follow the development ;) Good luck !

Thank you for playing! I'm glad that you liked it! Also thank you so much for the feedback and suggestions! We really love them! :D

I was happy with your game, I would not say that it is complicated (I translate it using Google translator because I'm from Ukraine, but I like your activity)))

Thank you for playing! I'm glad that you liked it! :)


Loving the game. Keep coming back. Haven't gotten past 1-3 yet but i am having a blast.


I'm glad that you are loving it! Thank you for playing! :D


Hi, I wanted to try this out, but this game triggered warnings by both Windows Defender and Avast AV, and Avast reported a virus when scanned.  

You folks might want to fix that.

Unfortunately, Avast is detecting it as a virus, probably because it is an .exe file. But it is not! You can trust me! ;) You can add the file to the safe list or turn off the AV to play. Just do not forget to turn on again! :) By the way, we'll try to figure out why Avast is detecting it as a virus, it is not just you that are having this problem. Thank you for the report! :)



I like how this game looks, but I can't play( I have an error when I click on "1 Player". I made a screenshot.

Thank you for TRYING to play the game! :P Probabily you need to install/update the DirectX! Are using Windows 10? Please, try this https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35&44F86079-8679-400C-B... let me know if its worked ;)


Good game! I have to say once the pink swordy ninjas join the fight it gets too hard for me :/

I'm glad that you liked it! Thank you for playing and recorded it! From the video I can see that the game is not working as it should, visually. The floor and the doors are not showing up. Could you pass me some configuration of your computer, like the OS you use? That way we can try to fix the issue. Thanks! ;)


Just using the cool Windows 7 Ultimate :) Funny as it looked good to me!

Thanks man! ;)


Made a video

Thank you for playing and recorded it! Sorry for 2 player not working yet, also we forgot to remove it from main menu! But we are working on it to next updates! :D


At the very least keeping the 2 player option on the menu teases the possibility of co-op in the future and I am looking forward to the next update.


I love this game,keep the good work making him!!!

I'm glad that you liked it!! :D Thank you for playing!! Yes! we will release the first update soon! ;)

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Keep up the work. I want to see more!

Oh, also, there's a minor bug... whenever I enter the boss room with a force field active, it makes me invincible for the whole fight.

Yes sir! :P We will release our first update soon! ;)


Awesome game with a great idea of an arena shootout, but are you able to make a weapon slot where you can switch between guns picked up. Also are you able to make ammo left over from say the shotgun able to have the leftover ammo from another picked up shotgun. 

keep up the good work! 

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Thank you for playing! :D Thanks for the suggestion too, we will analyze it! But the ideia is to keep the gameplay simple with no weapon slot, which forces player to play agressively by moving and dodging all the time to get weapons, which makes the game really fast-paced! :)


Great game with great gameplay and combat, only thing is i experience frame lag a lot. often times my game will suddenly run in slow motion

Thank you! Thanks for playing and for the feedback! We will optimize the game in future updates, optimization is always good! Obs: when you die, the "lag" is proposital, we drop the frame rate to create a slow mo effect!


great game. You should add the option of saving up the coins you get during battle, outside of the battle so you can buy special upgrades/items e.g. money magnets, skins 

Thank you so much for playing! The idea is you have to collect coins to level up and then choose/buy one upgrade, this way we can create replayability. Every time you play you can create and test different builds. But we are testing a lot of things yet and any suggestion and idea is welcome!! Thanks man! :D


Wonderful game! only issue i seem to be having is, me and my friend love a bit of competition, and the two player option doesn't seem to be working. At least, it does not activate using the enter key. Is anyone else  getting the same problem? 

Thank you!! Sorry, the two player is not working yet, we forgot to remove it from the option! But we are working on two players mode already! In the next updates it will be avaialable! And thank you so much for playing! :D


let me say this though, many casuals in the comments are requesting an easy mode and balances, however, games like dark souls and cuphead are popular due to their difficulty. So, i think you should consider leaving the single player as is, and promoting the game based off of its difficulty. Just my opinion tho.

Yes! But don't worry, we want to keep the game hard :D The "easy" mode will be just less hard haha. Thank you for your opinion, I really appreciated! ;)


It's the dodging IT'S SO GOOD <3

I'm glad that you liked it! Thank you for playing! :D


this game is so god damn fun and addicting, would recommend that we get full hp whenever we level up or complete a level though :P or add a easy/normal/hard mode

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! :D Hey! Get full HP when level up could be a good upgrade! Haha a lot of people are asking for that! We will add easy mode or something like that! ;)


How do you select an upgrade? Am I just dumb?

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Just press "E"! Nah, the instruction of the game is very poor right now! It is just in the main menu at left/bottom side, it is hard to see! But we will improve that! Thank you for playing and for the feedback!! :)


Ah thanks man! Your game is amazing!

Thanks!! :D


Seems to be a Binding of Isaac clone.


Haha I would prefer to say that it is a game inspired by Binding of Isaac! :)

Deleted post

I like the gameplay, it's fun to play, addicting. But it's REALLY hard. I would definitely LOVE it if you devs add an easy mode.


Hey!! Thank you for playing and for the feedback! Yes, the game probably need a better balance! But easy mode could be a really nice solution too! We will work on it! Thanks! :)


Can't seem to play the game but the game seems to have previously been named SMASH.exe which avast does not like. Glad I put this on a VM first.

Yeah, SMASH was the name of our project before have a name Galaxy Champions T.V.. Hey, but don't worry! It is not a virus!! :P


Love the game, But REALLY hard, could use a easy mode pls :D


yeah i like casual games

would be definitely appreciated if there was an easy mode

Haha yeah! We can work on it! And thank you for playing and for the feedback!! :D


The challenge is what made it so special when I beat the end boss

Nice!! Congrats man!! That is the idea!

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I love this game. It's got a few bugs but it's soooooooooo much fun. Thank you devs.

P.S. Overkill by Motorhead works really well with this game mwhahahahahaha

Mind you so does.

Motorhead Eat the Rich

Slipknot 555 to 666

And i'm sure so many other tunes will also work but the in game audio is the best.



Thank you for playing! I am glad you liked it!! And thank you so much for stream it too! It was really nice watching you having fun with it haha! Also thank you for the feedbacks! It all means a lot to us!! :) Cheers! :P

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Got it. Hit alt + enter to switch the game back to window mode. The game doesn't like full screen for some reason.


I got into the settings for the game and tested the different Display Modes and it doesn't like full screen. The other options seem to work.

Video incoming.

Oh! Thanks a lot for the information and tips! :D

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It's the same here. I've tried with duel monitors, single monitor, rebooting and still a black screen. I'm going to see if I can diagnose the fault.

Really sorry for that! A lot of people is having the same problem! We will fix it in the next update!


I really want to play this game but it seems like it's broken. When I launch it, it's just a black screen with the music playing (which is amazing, by the way). If you could please fix this issue I'll then be able to do a video on your game. Thank you.

Hello Mutant Gamer, sorry for that! It is probabily a Windows compatibility problem, try to activate the Windows compatibility mode! And thank you very much for the report! We will fix it in the next update! :)