GCTV Update #1

UPDATE #1 - 01/12/2017


  • Fixed Windows 10 performance issue;
  • Fixed Windows 10 black screen issue;
  • Fixed player get invincible sometime when gets force field;
  • Fixed looter no longer leaves the door open after leaving;
  • Fixed player no longer can get hp after dead.


  • New weapon: laser gun;
  • New weapon: grenade launcher;
  • New weapon: flamethrower;
  • New upgrade: drone;
  • New upgrade: shield;
  • Item drop seeding is more consistent;
  • Improved enemy spawn system;
  • Added arena progress UI;
  • Added variation to collect coin sfx;
  • Improved theme music loop;
  • Reduced drastically the file size;
  • Optimized performance and memory usage.


  • Boss less HP;
  • Calibrated weapons damage and ammo.

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I like your  GAME and i know that you are trying on it)))

Thank you! I'm glad that you like it! :D



Thanks! :)